24 Feb

Tobias has come to us as his previous owner despite her love and affection towards him no longer had the time to care for him full time.

When we collected the little man it was clear he was unwell. His eyes wouldn't open, he was lethargic and pretty unresponsive.

First stop the fantastic exotic vet at Gatehouse in Lavister.

On examination the vet agreed Tobias was a poorly little boy. The vet gave him a 50% chance of survival. He had multiple x-rays and it appeared he only hand one lung, the vet was unsure as to whether this was a birth defect or chronic respiratory infection. He was very small for his age and had signs of dehydration. 

The decision was made for the vets to keep him in for the week and to insert a feeding tube. During his week at the vets he had x-rays with barium to ensure no obstruction, blood tests and stool samples. Unfortunately the latter didn't come quickly and so he was with the vet for much longer than a week.

When Tobias eventually passed a poop he was allowed to come home with the feeding tube still in. His sample showed a significant amount of pin worm and so he has had medication for that. 

He is being fed via this tube three times a days along with medication, daily baths and eye drops. He has regurgitated some he is keeping the most of it down and has since gained some weight. He is on medications via the feeding tube as well.

On his latest review from the vet it appears his lung has expanded somewhat and hopefully will continue to increase although it is possible this is as good as it gets.

The vets have made it very clear that this little guy will show very slow progress but at the moment he is fighting. 

We will let you know how he gets on.

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