09 Feb
A little about Nelson

Nelson (our handsome dog) is a 3-year-old Heiz-57 boy we have adopted from Egypt.

Like many other dogs he was found on the street is Sharm-El-Sheik in such a bad condition that they thought he had been hit by a car. They took him immediately to the vets who had to tell the rescuers that he had been kicked in the jaw losing one side of his teeth. He had been repeatedly cut with razorblades on his legs, between his toes and even across the neck. His eye had even been gouged out.

With lots of antibiotics, painkillers and stitches he did eventually start to look better. The lady who rescued him did a fantastic job. He was discovered by a local charity who wanted to help bring him over to the UK so he could have an amazing future. Nelson was neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.  

He went to a lovely foster family and this is when we discovered him. We fell in love immediately and it seemed when we went to meet him, he fell in love with us. When we did finally get to adopt him, we understood that he would have a lot of issues with nervousness, health, and socialising. We did not mind this he deserves everything.

We had Nelson for a few weeks, he was doing so well lying on his back getting tummy rubs (whilst pulling goofy faces), not flinching as much, letting us pat him, brush his teeth and brush him. He was being pampered. 

Unfortunately, while out playing we noticed he was holding his paw up a lot. We knew he had been injured there but though best to take him to vets.

The vets started of saying there may be some inflammation, so he was put immediately on Metacam (which he loved because he got to eat wet food everyday… we did not as his farting habit got worse haha!). We also put him onto yumove tablets (which we must recommend).

We took him back after a week as his paw was not getting better. They decided he would need an Xray under anaesthetic. He was so well behaved at the vets they all fell in love with him. He was very dopey after the anaesthetic, so we slept downstairs with him. The day after he was back to his old self. We found out from this x-ray he has bone fragments in his joint and has osteomyelitis.

Osteomyelitis is a bone infection. Nelson was referred to a veterinary orthopaedic specialist. They said it would be best to get a sample of the infection however due to the location the surgery is very risky, so the most advisable plan was to put him on 8 weeks of antibiotics continue with Metacam and have another x-ray in 8 weeks’ time under anaesthetic. Which is where we are now.

Please do not worry about Nelson we will do everything possible to support him and he is a very spoilt boy! There are a lot of dogs in Egypt that are in terribly similar conditions to Nelson. If you would like to support these other dogs please feel free to donate on this link Fundraiser by Lindsay Brattan : Egyptian Dogs in Need (gofundme.com) .

We will keep you updated on Nelson

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