15 Apr
Community Catalysts

I have recently completed a lot of background work to sign up for working alongside Community Catalysts. I am really looking forward to working with Tom Hughes and the new adventure this will will bring to Wrexham Pet Care.

Community Catalysts are "a small collective of highly skilled professionals with unrivalled experience in people-led social care and health. We see the world differently, celebrating the strength of people and community. We know how to help local people help other local people. We bring our values, creativity and passion to everything we do.  We know that one size never fits all so everything we do is bespoke. All our work has local impact and national influence".

Basically I have worked alongside Tom Hughes the Wrexham Community Micro-Enterprise catalyst to provide my pet care services to the older people in community of Wrexham.  

As a member of the Community Catalysts development programme I have made a commitment to the Doing it Right Standards. Doing it right means Wrexham Pet Care is viable, sustainable, committed to high standards of practice and won’t let people down. It also means the services, supports or activities you offer are safe and high quality, offering the help people need, when and how they need it in a respectful way that puts them right at the centre.

I have had to put policies and systems in place to evidence the Wrexham Pet Care have achieved all standards set my the community catalyst team. You can see my policies  and self declaration here.

With small good things I have access to a community of small local business who can provide a variety of services. If you ever think of anything that you need but can't find it please feel free to ask me and I will discuss the matter with Tom.

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