15 Apr
Nelson - Part 2

Last time I wrote about Nelson we were waiting for is follow up scan. It has been some time since then and here is what has happened.

Taking him to the scan was an experience in itself. He had obviously learned from previous experience and so the first day we took him he wasn't very happy with the vets. We tried as hard as we could along side the vets but we couldn't settle him enough to have the injections required for anaesthesia.

We left the vets with a prescription of gabapentin and a Benzodiazepine (hefty doses too). He had to have one dose the night before and a dose 30 mins before his next appointment. We did as instructed and had one dopey dog on our hands well that was until we got him to the vets anyway.

Again we tried everything we could to give him the injection he screamed and growled whenever the vet got close (he is such a soft dog really). The vet left me in the treatment room to settle him and get a Baskerville muzzle on him.

Now I have never really liked muzzles and was very hesitant about ever trying one. At tis time he really needed the treatment so I relaxed him and managed to get the muzzle on him. After a huge struggle we did manage to get the muzzle on him. Again, I laid with him on the vet floor while he settled and drifted off too sleep.

Since then we have muzzle trained Nelson for vet appointments.

During his procedure I had a phone call and Nelson needed some teeth taking out as they had spilt where he had repeatedly been kicked in the face.  I gave it the go ahead do it then and there so he didn't have to have another operation.

The outcome on his leg was that the joint appeared smoother and so they didn't believe there was anymore infection (what a relief). The vets decided although they could go in and remove fragments it was a very risky operation and so between us we all agreed we would just continue to watch Nelson and give him metacam when required.

For the next two week the lucky boy could only eat soft food and the reason we call him Nelly Fart-ado was abundantly clear. 

Fast forward a few weeks Nelson has an occasional limp usually after a walk where he has seen a lot of other dogs, he is a reactive dog. We decided it was time for him to see a dog trainer.  I know some basic dog training but in no way claim to be a professional.

He has still been limping and so we have decided to try a Therapaw carpal x-brace now to see if it helps his and so far so good.

Hs appointment for vaccinations came up and despite the pre-medications prescribed by the vet she has been unable to inject him. So we have now been attending the vets once a week for cuddles and treats to help him conquer his anxiety. 

I am also giving him regular reiki sessions as taught by the late Sigi K who worked with rescued race horses. This to will help him along.

Thank you to the vets at Vets 4 Pets Plas Coch, they have been brilliant and so patient with him.  I cant recommend them enough.

He is a very happy dog and is being spoiled rotten here. I will update you as to how he gets on with his injections and training. 

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