25 Nov
Changes in 2021

After months and months of debates, we have come up with our new tag line, 'your pet, our pet'; what do you think? 

Lindsay has given up her job as a registered nurse and is now focusing on Wrexham Pet Care full time and completing her MSc in Animal Behaviour part-time. Some of you are also aware that we have recently invested in a van and TransK9 dog crates. This is to increase your pet's safety while we transport them. Each crate has its own washable bed to maintain hygiene and water bowl. The crates are well ventilated well lit, and the animals can easily be observed. But please do not worry if your dog is fearful of crates; we can still keep them secure in the car. 

We have also been working with community catalysts trying to support the more vulnerable in our community. Even if your problem isn't pet-related, we know many people in the community catalysts scheme who may help. 

During the dog theft crisis, we worked with DogHorn and the community to try and reduce the risk to dog walkers, and this campaign was very successful. We are so relieved that this is no longer a significant ongoing concern. We have also been completing many other courses to fine-tune the business. This and listening to your feedback and the increasing popularity of our services have led us to make some changes you need to be aware of. 

Firstly attached to this newsletter is a new agreement for dogs that are walked with us. We need you to sign before we look after your pet next. This just outlines what you can expect from us and what we expect from you. Due to high demand and ensuring we meet all customer's needs we need to reduce the number of cancelations. We have given this much thought as to how we do this. Starting January 2022, we are introducing booking fees. On initial booking, a 10% deposit is required. Then at least 72 hours before the booking is due to start, the full payment is required, an invoice will be sent. We hope the 10% deposit will prevent cancelations so we can support as many pets as required. If a booking is cancelled within a week of the start date, the initial deposit will be retained. Within 72 hours, the total booking fee will be retained. To help our schedule and time management, we are also trying to reduce last-minute bookings. Now we know emergencies happen, and we will allow for last-minute bookings (within 48 hours). An emergency charge will be applied - this will only be in place for the first 24 hours if required. 

Do not forget we are stockists for Wraptious and PetFace; if you want any Christmas gifts, then get in touch. 

We know there will be questions about this, so please feel free to get in touch.

Also, remember that we are always looking to improve if you have any feedback or ideas, do let us know

Thank you for all your support this year. 

Lindsay and Sven

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