Pet Carer

Lindsay is a multi-talented co-owner of Wrexham Pet Care, serving as a compassionate care provider, she recently gained an MSc in Animal Behaviour along with a dog training qualification. With her extensive experience in animal care and behaviour, Lindsay is committed to providing the best possible care for your beloved pets.

Lindsay's formative years revolved around the cherished presence of the family dog, Ruffles, who joyously joined her in impromptu dances to the familiar tune of "Home and Away." Today, Lindsay channels her lifelong passion for animal welfare and behaviour, recently culminating in the completion of an MSc in Animal Behaviour and accreditation from the Victoria Stillwell Academy Dog Trainer Course.

Lindsay's dedication to delivering outstanding animal care is underscored by her academic achievements, including a BSc in Psychology and a BN in Nursing. Moreover, her commitment extends to comprehensive training, evidenced by certifications such as the NARPS Pet Sitting Course, PeddyMark Microchipping, and a level 3 VTQ in animal first aid (with ongoing pursuit of an NVQ).

Beyond her academic and professional pursuits, Lindsay devotes her Tuesday, Thursday, and alternate Saturday afternoons to her role at Jump In Dog Therapy Pool, where she wholeheartedly recommends a visit to experience the transformative benefits firsthand.

With her extensive training and experience, Lindsay is well-equipped to provide the highest level of care for your furry friends.

Education and CPD

Scentwork UK - Train the Trainer Tier 1 - May 2024

MSc Animal Behaviour – University of Chester  - September 2021 – October 2023 

Victoria Stillwell Academy - Certified Dog Trainer - November 2021 - April 2023

PeddyMark - Animal Microchipping  - 10th December 2020

Fitzcharles Training - Level 3 VTQ Pet First Aid  - 17th September 2020 

New Skills Academy - Pet Nutrition - April 2024 

New Skills Academy - Dog Grooming - April 2024 

New Skills Academy - Animal Psychology - April 2024 

New Skills Academy - Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Diploma - April 2024 

Practical exercises to help dogs impacted by trauma - case studies (Webinar) - May 4th 2023

New Skills Academy - Animal Reiki  - May 2020- June 2020 

NARPS - Pet Sitting and Business Management